Emily's Gunge Chair Punishment
Starring these models:
The gorgeous Emily begins this scene wearing a lovely black leather skirt and a white woolly jumper. She is very keen to give the Gunge Chair a try and gets under the thick blue gunge waiting to drop all over her. She takes her time pulling the leaver, then all of a sudden, she gets absolutely covered in the colourful, thick, shiny gunge! As it pours all over her face, she whips her mouth, then gets under the spout to get covered again. The gunge tank then gets prepared by Tom for another round. This time its a gorgeous green gunge that covers Emily. She decides to open her top and get her jumper filled, with it all pouring down her skirt. Shes enjoying this so much at this point, she begins rubbing her clit! As she is playing with herself she pulls the leaver a third time covering herself in a pink gunge. Tom even gives a helping hand!

The final part involves Emily getting completely naked and enjoying the gunge even more feeling the gunge all over her naked body. She enjoys playing with Tom's rock hard dick, until he cums all over Emily's face!

File count:3
Total size:878.95 MB
Runtime:14 mins, 36 secs
Scene ID:20544
Includes these files:
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5.9 minutes
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3.3 minutes
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